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Takemusu Shinbuden

"The Aikido I practice has room for each of the world's 8 million gods, and I co-operate with each one of them.  The great spirit of Aiki enjoys all that is divine and enlightened in every land.  Unite yourself with the divine, and you will be able to perceive gods wherever you are" --Morihei Ueshiba O'Sensei

A message from Jack Wada-sensei:

In 1991, I was given a non-profit corporation to help spread the spiritual message of Aikido.  This shrine was named "Takemusu Shinbuden" by one of my teachers in Japan.  "Takemusu Shinbuden" means "the honorable residence of the spirit of martial creativity".

A lot of the spiritual metaphor used by O'Sensei came from Shinto, the native folk religion of Japan.  It is really more of an attitude toward life and nature than a religion.  In accordance with this, the "Takemusu Shinbuden" emphasizes more an attitude towards spirituality than a set of beliefs that constitute most religions.

An important activity of the shrine is the regular chanting of norito (sounds of purification and cleansing).  These were learned by me during my time in Japan from Hikitsuchi-sensei, who in turn learned them from O'Sensei.

The "Takemusu Shinbuden" offers spiritual counseling, the ritual removal of negative energies and thought forms, and weddings with a spiritual (as opposed to religious) emphasis.

Recent activities include a wedding performed locally for friends in August of 2003 and an interview and misogi ceremony for a West Valley College student to aid her in doing a report on Shinto for a communications class.

To schedule an activity within the shrine or to find out about our schedule of activities please call me at (831) 246-1693. 

(click on the image to see Jack Wada-sensei perform the Amatsu Norito chant)

(click on the image to see Jack Wada sensei perform a jo sequence)

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